Ether Chambles

Ether Chambles is a dreamy mix of delicate melodies and hip hop with strong percussive elements. Chantalle Johnson is a local musician who absolutely inspires me. She has recently begun a new project with James West (music producer) and Jazz Walker from Kija Studios (video production) and it has gained a ton of local support.

Their newest video Space Bars was described as a very low key, grassroots project but it clearly displays the creative talents of those involved creating an enchanting story both visually and auditorially. “We have had so much positive feedback in the community for the production and it has been so encouraging,” said Chantalle.

She really means it too. Chantalle is so humble and grateful for all of the support she is getting from her community. She has the personality (and talent) of someone you really want to see make it big. Do you know the type I’m talking about? The kind of person who seems to effortlessly create something so beautiful and then blushes the second you mention that beauty. I cannot emphasize enough how genuine and musing Chantalle is. Her thoughts and perspectives are very much worth sharing with the world which is why I am so excited about this new project.etherchambles

Chantalle began writing at a young age and was encouraged by her teachers to continue. At sixteen she picked up a guitar and began writing songs. She did not play for an audience until her senior year at The University of Florida. That open mic lead to a stronger passion for writing and performing but she had one area that she struggled with.

“I began producing by myself just using garage band but I always felt like my music needed more of a gritty, masculine aspect to it. My influences were very melancholy, shoe gaze style bands mixed with hip hop artists. It was that percussive element that I really wanted. I finally followed some advice and decided to collaborate in order to find the sound I was looking for. At first I was resistant to the idea but it really has been the best decision I’ve ever made. I contacted a producer on SoundCloud and told him I was interested in putting lyrics on top of his tracks. He sent me some tracks and ended up really loving what I did.”

I mentioned that she was such a brave soul for contacting the producer and she laughed. “It was a very intuitive decision. I find that things work out best when we use our intuition rather than our analytical, left side of the brain thinking.”

Chantalle’s favorite places in Jax are her room, Bold Bean, and Rain Dogs. Ether Chambles is a project predominantly online so make sure you keep up with her on Facebook for the latest!

Pam Affronti

Photography by Morgan Burden