Eyes and Ears Design

You know those types of people who just seem to know how to do everything? Well, we’re about to introduce you to one of those people. Usually you want to roll your eyes in envy at these types of people, but with this gal you can’t, because you’re too caught up in a real good conversation with her. This girl can sing, paint, draw, design, write, and did we say she could sing? Meet Lindsey Brenner, creator of Eyes and Ears Design.


Here’s a little bit about her products in a few words: Wood. String. Nails. And that’s about it. Lindsey has found a way to make three completely different materials into a work of art. Whereas some might throw away their scraps of unwanted wood, Lindsey did the opposite and salvaged what others would deem unsalvageable (though she now finds her wood in other places). Using complicated geometry that we don’t really understand, Lindsey precisely hammers nails into old wood that she has refinished. These nails are used to outline whatever design she is currently working toward. Next, Lindsey painstakingly wraps string around the nails so that the finished product is a super cute, rustic addition to your house.

You may be wondering where the name “Eyes and Ears” comes from, so we figured we should tell you. Lindsey chose this particular name because those are the two senses closest to her. If you visit her site, you can read at the top, “the senses that dance a lovely waltz.” So simple, yet so lovely-sounding; where is this lyric from? Well, herself: “I just imagined the two senses I love most getting along so well that they’d want to dance through life together seamlessly.” So the products that are coming from Lindsey are coming from a place near and dear to her. They’re coming from a place of passion and love.

Lindsey has an architecture background and is currently enrolled in school for interior design. She’s always been creative, but somehow string art is currently playing a major role in Eyes and Ears. We just had to know when she first found a knack for stringing. It started with a Siberian tiger back in grade school for a math project. Now let’s fast-forward to her and her husband in one of their first apartments together.

Most of us know the struggle of making an apartment, a temporary place, feel like a home. She decided she’d brand a wall while they were there. She strung out a giant “B” and posted it on one of our ever-so-faithful social media outlets. That’s when people started requesting their own stringed art. She created a tag and added a price to items, and orders started flowing in. We should probably mention that this all happened a couple of weeks before Christmas. Pretty convenient. During Christmas, she got close to 100 orders. That’s a lot when you’re just one person who decided to brand a wall with some string and nails.

We should add that Lindsey has oodles of patience that we wish we had. Not only does she find, measure, cut, sand, and completely refinish the pieces of wood herself, but she also has to make sure that each nail is perfectly aligned so that the design is symmetrical. “At first I had to remeasure the distance between the nails for every piece I made,” she told us, “but I found ways to simplify the process.” To save time, she made paper outlines of her customers’ favorite designs, like the house below. Her husband also likes to help out. He’ll assist Lindsey in whatever she might need help with as she winds down in the evening, which is usually when she crafts. While the rest of us are watching TV or wishing we had something cool to do, Lindsey is busy stringing away.dsc_4961dsc_4959dsc_4969

Lindsey is filled with so much creativity that you kind of wish she could consult every idea you personally have. If it’s Lindsey Brenner-approved, then you know you can move forward with implementing ideas. You’ll always find Lindsey doing something; it’s just her personality. In fact, string art is not the only thing you can find Lindsey creating. In the past, she’s built baby mobiles, cribs, written in calligraphy, created back drops, built, built some more, and written sweet songs. Of course, with this amount of talent, you don’t want to limit it to just string art, so let’s talk dreams and aspirations. Lindsey is hoping to be in every aspect of design. As we sat and looked over the structure inside Bold Bean, we talked design. She’d love to help start-ups create a design element that would make their business give off an atmosphere you’d “oooh” and “awwww” at.

Being Somewhere in the City, we had to talk Lindsey in the city. Although Lindsey is originally from Orlando, she moved here when she was 19 to go to school. After school, she had the option to go back to Orlando but stayed here because she said, “It felt like home here. I could see myself growing roots here.” What’s her favorite thing about Jax? “There are so many different areas that give off a totally different feel from one another.” We talked about how just within the past couple of years, Jacksonville has become more defined, and our city has a unique thumbprint all on its own now. Guess who adds to that thumbprint? You got it: Lindsey Brenner.

So after this, we know you’re looking for something built from Eyes and Ears. Before you start placing your orders, have a little scroll through Instagram andFacebook. Maybe even take a look through her Etsy shop. Lindsey enjoys a challenge and likes those custom orders. So send her an email and start talking to her about your personality and she’ll start creating you something beautiful. Let us also add in that the Ears part of this may or may not be working on an album. We’re not making any official assumptions 😉 but listen to this gem we found of Lindsey and her brother while your scrolling through Instagram. Let her know you found her on Somewhere in the City!

Contributing writer: Rebecca Pearson

Amanda Gibson

Photography by Morgan Burden