Atlas Shrugged

Karen Elson 3

The new jewelry collection from Tiffany is not only beautiful (that kind of goes without saying, doesn't it?) but it somehow manages to marry strength with the "daintiness" for which most fine jewelry is known. The Atlas collection is described as "bold symbols of strength and freedom"—big words from a jewelry company synonymous with luxury—but the gold and silver pieces are a bit warrior-esque. And they come with some history, too, which adds a vintage element I always find intriguing. The distinctive pattern seen in the pieces? That's inspired by the Atlas clock that presides over Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue store.

Karen Elson 2

If you're shopping at the St. John's Town Center anytime soon, be sure to stop in to the Tiffany store—it's located near Louis Vuitton, Cantina Laredo and J. Alexander. Last time I checked, the Atlas collection was featured (conveniently) in the front of the store.

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