Chomp Chomp

We're all trying to find new places to eat and hang out in Jax, and to be honest, so am I. However, there are a few places that I keep finding myself going back to. They are also the places that I force my out of town guests to try while they're visiting! One of those places is Chomp Chomp.


Located on East Adams Street downtown around the corner from Burro Bar. Make sure you're on the look out, because it's easy to pass up. I have never been successful at labeling what category of food Chomp Chomp serves. Let's just say, it's good! My go-to order is the Korean Barbecue Sandwich. Again, I can't explain the joy it brings to my mouth. It just does! As far as choosing chips or salad with your entree, they are both amazing! The chips are made in house and curry flavored. The salad is also unbeatable all while adding pickles to it. Who puts pickles on a salad? Chomp Chomp does, and it is amazing. Another amazing thing you can add to your list, all of their bread comes from the French Pantry. They have about 12 items on the menu with 2 or 3 specials that rotate out.


I know this is all super open ended and you still don't really have any idea what this place is all about. I will say that this place is a beacon of light when you're searching for a late night meal downtown. Most restaurants downtown close after lunch but Chomp Chomp is open 'til 2 in the morning some nights. This is the perfect spot when you're spending  a late evening out!


Though Chomp Chomp is not literally a hole in the wall, it's probably comparable in size. It definitely meets the "diamond in the rough" requirement though to be a true hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Remember, you will barely notice it when driving by and the workers are all tatted up and the music is loud. Everything you may expect from this place from first glance is a complete 360 once you actually step in. I bring even my most "proper" friends to this dive because I know that the gourmet food and great service will definitely strike their fancy! Chomp Chomp is owned by three guys who are super cool and super nice! Every time I come in, part owner, Mark,  makes sure that I'm familiar with the menu and the new specials.

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