King Street Studios

Tucked away on King Street is what us locals are calling the arts district. A lot of us have looked to CoRK as the only thing in the arts. While the owners of King Street Studio saw growth and potential, the whole street held.

I’ll be honest; when we went to King Street Studios, I was unsure of what to expect. Once we walked in, I was totally blown away. I even made the comment, “I can’t believe the talent hidden within our city.”

King Street Studios has not even been open for a year, and they’re already doing great things. You may recognize them from One Spark, they were located on the River Walk by The Landing. Ever since the One Spark festival,  they’ve been working to keep the momentum gained from One Spark alive every day. What a great mentality! We fully enjoyed our One Spark experience, and believe we all should try to grasp the energy it held every day within our city.


What we loved most about King Street Studios is that they’re revitalizing King Street by adding onto the budding arts district. Before, the district only consisted of CoRK on the corner of Roselle and King; now their studio is a part of it as well.

I loved their concept of working and building together. King Street Studio is run by Robert, Shannon, and Christina who all have a heart to create and teach. They all just want to continue to add more to what we’re already calling the area’s arts district.


King Street Studios is currently open every day from 10-6, and classes are held Tuesday through Sunday. Not only do the three creators have classes that they teach, but they also have guest teachers that come in for specialty classes.

So, what kind of classes are we looking at here? Well there’s many to choose from: blacksmithing, metalwork jewelry, pottery, silkscreen, sewing, African and Middle-Eastern drumming, and the list goes on.

Classes range in price depending on which class you’re interested in and what materials will need to be purchased. Check out their class calendar to sign up for class. Once you get signed up, make sure you check out the rest of the website.


The building they’re housed in on King Street is not only huge, but well put-together for only being open for 7 months. The space seriously is ginormous! There is a ton of potential for growth here.

We had to ask what the future plans were for this place, other than being a studio for artists to come and work and to take classes. They told us that their long-term goal is to start an art school. Since there is so much room to expand, they’re looking into how they can dive in deeper with their passions of teaching. A more short-term goal they have in mind is to add a dark room, which we think is an excellent addition.


All of their success so far has been through word-of-mouth and individual curiosity. Their logo is catchy, combining all three of the creator’s individual logos into one unified piece. It intrigues people who drive by, and we’ve found that curiosity on this side of town will give you the confidence to walk right into a place.

They love visitors at King Street Studios, so let your own curiosity lead to confidence! Go meet the three of them, they truly are some nice people! Go and be a part of supporting our ever-growing arts district and discover the creativity and quirkiness inside of yourself!

Amanda Gibson

Photography by Morgan Burden