Springfield's Hush Hush Breakfast Spot

springfield-restaurantSome of the best things that come to us are in secrets. That’s exactly what we’re going to share with you today – a secret. However, we’re going to seal our mouth on where exactly it’s located and its name. I know, how silly to write about a restaurant and not even tell you the name of the place? They don’t even like telling you the name of the place, so we’re going to follow suit and keep our mouth shut. We will tell you that it’s located in Springfield, and if you start asking around, someone will quickly point you in the right direction.sandwich

I couldn’t even tell you where I first heard about this place. I’m pretty sure I saw a photo posted from on the ever so faithful Instagram. It was a photo of a Styrofoam cup with a title above it saying, “Breakfast in a Cup” and a price listed for $1.40. I thought how strange, how odd, and how cheap? I quickly began my search to find where this place was located. I Google searched many locations before I stumbled upon what I thought it would be. I finally came down to the conclusion that it was in Springfield. My next step I decided to take was to just drive and walk around Springfield. You may find it silly, but I have a commitment and passion on finding those hole­in­the­wall places. I couldn’t believe it when we finally had breakfast here. I had walked passed this place on multiple occasions! I took a gander through the windows a few times just thinking it was another abandoned building with a ton of junk inside of it. I was surprised when we actually ventured through the doors; that junk I thought I saw was actually antiques. Those antiques were organized and somehow I was inside of a clean restaurant. My hesitations were high considering the previous times I had walked by and the assumptions my mind had made. Their menu is simple, and they only accept cash. Their hours are Monday­-Friday opening up at 5am but no beer sales until after 7am!interior-springfield-restaurant

We took a seat at an old picnic table inside and watched as people walked in and walked out with breakfast in hand. It’s definitely a quirky place  with an atmosphere filled with locals. Now, when we say quirky, we mean 7 am a group full of cops come in order breakfast and start playing pool. If the characters of Springfield don’t catch your attention, the antiques all around you will.

I’ve read a few other posts about this place, and the reason they want to stay more of secret is because they have enough foot traffic. They’re not struggling, and this truly is a locals spot. This place has been around for years, and is the epitome to what Springfield is.

Amanda Gibson

Photography by Morgan Burden