Turning the Tables

Jax radio host answers questions instead of asking them
by Kerry Speckman  //  photo by Agnes Lopez
Growing up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Mark Kaye (and yes, that’s his real name, not a radio alias) often got in trouble in school for talking too much. Fortunately, his loquacious ways turned out to be the
perfect match for a career in broadcasting. As the co-host of The Big Ape Morning Mess on 95.1 WAPE, Kaye is known for his fast-talking, quick-witted, smark-alecky banter with his partner in air time, Anna, and regular segments “To Catch a Cheater” and “Cranky Calls.” He’s also well-known for emceeing local events and generally talking to anyone who’ll listen (motivational speaker is what he
pictured himself doing if he weren’t in radio). Kaye lives on the Southside with wife, Pam, and two
children, who he says are his best friends.
Here are a few more things you may not know about the man behind the mic.
• Kaye was born in Toronto, Ontario, and is quick to mention: “But I never smoked crack.” He has since become an American citizen.
• His most embarrassing moment was getting pulled over for turning right on red ... twice ...in two days ... by the same police officer ... at the same light ... right in front of the station. “We talked about it on the air. My wife called in. She was not amused.”
• Kaye’s bucket list includes owning a house on the beach with a fully-stocked wine cellar, winning big in Vegas and having a syndicated show. “But,” he says, “I’ll settle for the wine.”
• When he was a kid, Kaye wanted to be a film director and producer and majored in film production and political science at NYU. However, his lack of patience and desire for immediate gratification put him on a
different career path.
• One of the best parts of his job, Kaye says, is interacting with people on the phone. “People are funny! Especially people from Palatka. I am as entertained by the audience as I hope they are by me.”
• At home, Kaye says, there’s nothing but laughter. “We laugh all the time. Someone is always singing, shouting, yelling, dancing, or getting the hiccups because they can't breathe from laughing so hard. Also, we have season tickets to the Jaguars, which is a good juxtaposition to all the joy.”