Asian Sophistication

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The newest tenant in the Tapestry Park development, Poms Signature Restaurant, fits right in with its neighbors. Proprietor Pom Souvannasoth has created a pleasing combination of an intimate atmosphere and an inspired, worldly menu in his latest culinary endeavor.

The interior of Poms is upscale with dark wood accents, white tablecloths, bright chandeliers and red orbs suspended from the ceiling. A large window lets in ample light, and a tall mirror positioned just between the window and door lends the space a sense of depth. Considering the restaurant has only 11 tables, it's a smart visual trick.

On a recent visit for dinner, I was led to a two-person table next to a gorgeous set of wooden doors which were recovered from a destroyed Korean home. A server approached the table with a wine list, and I selected a glass of Shiraz, which was delivered promptly. My guest arrived soon after and chose the same wine; unfortunately, it took much longer for her glass to arrive. Once it did, though, our meal progressed most enjoyably.

True to chef Pom's background, the menu has a strong Thai influence that expands to cover lots of Southeast Asian ground. We started with an order of duck confit crispy spring rolls. Shortly after the order was placed, our server delivered an amuse-bouche of cubed Ahi tuna, which we both enjoyed. Our spring rolls were tasty, staffed with duck confit and only a small representation of mushrooms, silver thread noodles and Asian vegetables. Paired with dipping sauce, our appetizzer was eagerly consumed.

For entrées, we settled on the green curry seafood with summer white truffle oil and braised oxtail. The seafood contained two diver scallops, two sizable prawns, Thai eggplant, fresh bamboo shoots, baby yellow squash and jasmine rice in a rich green curry and truffle sauce. At our server's suggestion, I spooned the rice onto a clean plate, then piled on the seafood mixture. Though the prawns had a slight grit, the rest of the dish was divine; the scallops were large, the eggplant was soft without losing its texture and the rice was a suitable canvas for all the flavors. The braised oxtail with Navan French cognac, vanilla bean, massaman sauce and chow fun noodles was a hit, as well; the meat was so tender, it easily came off the bone with a fork.

As we finished our meals, the server suggested that we place an order for the night's special dessert, a peanut butter and chocolate soufflé. Let it be known that the heavenly creation set before us is what every peanut butter cup in the world tries (and fails) to be. Despite our agreement to only sample a few bites to satiate our collective sweet tooth, the entire dessert was happily devoured.

Pom’s Signature Restaurant
9822 Tapestry Park Cir., Ste. 107